Dr. mei k. Tsai

Acupuncture Care For Health

How To Measure Energy

Ryoduraku is the concept of measuring our body’s bio-electric currents (or energy) and its relationship with the 12 meridians.

Complementing her traditional acupuncture methods, Dr. Mei uses a non-invasive, energy-measuring device to assess the patient’s overall health. In doing so, she can see the imbalances of internal energy and thus understand how to help the body heal itself.

Treatments aren’t limited to adults. Dr. Mei also specializes in addressing pediatric conditions, such as asthma and eczema, using a combination of magnetic therapy, needle-less meridian therapy, and acupuncture.

Through her in-depth understanding of body energy, Dr. Mei has helped patients who have gone undiagnosed or been deemed psychological or idiopathic cases.

Dr. Mei’s dedication and focus on achieving improvements after only the first treatment make her the acupuncturist of choice.