Dr. Mei is top-notch at what she does.  She's very reassuring and knowledgeable.

- Layne & Trish H. via Yelp! 2015

Dr. MEI Delivered Measurable Results!

I've been getting acupuncture and am very impressed by Dr. Mei.  I've seen four other acupuncturists and Dr. Mei has delivered measurable results from my first visit.  I was having back and hip pain as well as digestive issues.  My first visit resulted in relief from my pain! Now I can move pain free and can tackle those challenging workouts!

- Stacy S via Yelp! 2017

What Her Patients Say

Dr. mei k. Tsai

Acupuncture Care For Health


My daughter was having constant pain and stiffness with her neck so I came to see Dr. Mei. And just after only one session... My daughter was feeling some relief finally! So we continued to see Dr. Mei and now, I'm happy to say that my daughter has no more pain or stiffness in her neck and is able to use her neck normally without any fear! This is all thanks to Dr. Mei!!

- Johnson C. via website 2017


First of all, I was pretty skeptical for acupuncture. It's all about my fear of needles. Recommended by my sister, but quite frankly not convinced at the beginning... I gave a try!!!

I confess that my first appointment was really stressful with all the needles in different parts of my body. In my second visit, I had the chance to meet Dr. Mei.  

This review is all about Dr. Mei Tsai, who has been treating me for the last three months now and around 6 sessions.  

Dr. Mei is really caring, attentive and warm acupuncturist that really listen in all your concerns.  She created a different and personalized treatment for me combining needles, magnets and electric stimulation in specific points to relief my pains. She always makes me feel comfortable and relaxing all the time, even she notices my needle phobia. 

Moreover, I've been coming for therapy to control my stress and my anxiety.  It's not only physical.  It's all about to keep my balance and energy up.  Emotionally, it helps as well.  

In resume, I feel much better after all my sessions.  It really works for me.  I highly recommend her.  Thank you, Dr. Mei!!!

- Yoyo Y. via Yelp! 2017

A Truly Healing Experience

Dr. Mei have been true assets to my acupuncture treatments and the treatment of my children.  Hands down, the best.  

- Sabrina G. via Yelp! 2016

Dr. Mei Helped My 3 Year Old Son

I didn't know acupuncture could help children. My son Max suffered from allergies and eczema, but topical ointments and medications weren't working. After a series of acupuncture treatments, he is now symptom free and can't wait to see Dr. Mei again.  She is genuinely caring and knowledgeable about her profession and can keep a 3 year old entertained while healing him at the same time. 

- Wynn N. via website 2014