Dr. mei k. Tsai

Acupuncture Care For Health



Healing Common Health Conditions through an Uncommon Approach

According to the principles of traditional Oriental medicine, lines of energy are located on the superficial parts of our body. Externally, these lines extend from head to toe, to arms and to fingertips. Internally, these lines are connected by internal organs. These 12 lines are called meridians.

Although unfamiliar to most mainstream conventional medicine, modern medical and clinical research has found that internal diseases and disorders can affect the body’s bio-electric currents. A detailed study of these bio-electric currents concluded that they correlate to the body’s same 12 meridians. (*)

Disease occurs when your body’s vital energy, or Qi (Chi), is imbalanced internally, leading to a blockage of energy flow along the meridians. By using acupuncture or needle-less therapy at certain points on your body that connect with these meridians, acupuncturists can balance energy to promote proper flow. You will Feel Better, Be Stronger, and Look Younger.